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Ich habe eine Umfrage zum Thema Mobiler Audio Player erstellt und dank rasch über 80 Antworten erhalten.

Hier das Ergebnis und der Report zum Download.

Buying a Mobile Audio Player

As I was looking for an audio player to listen to music during every day commuting, I found a lot of different types and products. Although I had some concrete requirements, I wonder about the massive number of criteria to look at. So, which facts and figures are important when it comes to buy such a device?

I did not hesitate and created a survey to find out, what to look at before spending some hundred bucks on a product and thankfully posted the link on the facebook pinwall. In the evening I got over 70 answers and at the end the counter stopped at 81 persons (later on there has been 84, which does not matter for the results).

Based on the specifications and pictures during the product presentation online and offline I set my questions about ownership of players, key figures like price, design, supported formats etc. I just wanted to know, what people look at and asked then for priorities when it comes to buying (e.g. is price important or not?).

For details, please feel free to have a look at the report – here we go with some summaries and personal findings. First fact, that really surprised me: only male persons participated the poll. Not a single check on “female” when it comes to the gender question. Second big perception was the high number of “iPod” owners. Apple has landed a big deal with their music player but in an audiophile audience I expected a higher rate on special players like “A&K100” or the “Colorfly C4”. The iPod has done a great job to gain such a coverage (50%) and set new limits to the way of interaction as I could see the usability criteria among the top 4 buying facts.

When it comes to buying a mobile audio player, most important are “battery life”, “supported file formats”, “price” and the already mentioned “usability”. Let’s have an educated guess at this result.
“Battery life” for sure is mostly a criteria when we talk about mobile systems. But there is no player (or at least I don’t know any) which offers changeable battery packs or power extensions like we find at business notebooks. Unfortunately this trend to irremovable battery can be seen in the mobile world too, which may give some freedom in design but what about environmental matters?
Second on the list I found “supported file formats” which was pretty clear at the moment I saw it on this position. No one want to convert giga- or terrabytes of digital audio files only for one reason: to use this special device. But how does it look like in real life? The only product I could find, which supports nearly all known formats is a piece of software: rockbox.
“Price” is always a figure in buying things. The range is quite big, starting from a few bucks for e.g. a sandisk player (with FLAC) support and ending up there at the new A&K120 announced over 1000$.

Besides this data, I found 2 more insights.
First, the community is great and left helpful comments in the last sections (examples can be found in the report) and second, I missed some important questions and additional information in the survey. With this combination I know whom to ask, if I come up with another survey about audio issues.

Thanks again to everyone, who helped and spent some time for the survey and the for reading the report.
Best regards,


Download the Report BuyingaMobileAudioDevice


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